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It’s Time to Get Some Retail Therapy

Village and Shopping

The village of Nashville is one of the oldest artist colonies in the state! As you walk the streets, you will smell fresh-roasted nuts, hot baked goods, and preserves. You can take in a movie or live show at the historic Brown County Playhouse, or enjoy a craft beer at one of our local restaurants. While everyone knows Brown County for beautiful fall landscapes, year-round, you can enjoy live music and local hospitality too!

Little does everyone know, however, is that Nashville is also well known for the artisan-made pieces found in our village. Here you can find beautiful hand-made goods ranging from pottery and woven goods to fine musical instruments. Throughout the county, there are shoppes for antiques, local-made baked goods, furniture, jewelry, and even craft-made moonshine. Whatever you’re looking for, the village offers plenty to do for families or a night out with your friends.

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