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There is no question that the unique surroundings of Nashville, IN can provide all the inspiration an artist needs. For more than 100 years, they have come from all over to experience the beauty, charm, and historical appeal our town offers. In fact, history and art just don’t survive here, they thrive.

The Creekside Retreat relies on the craft of modern artists. Our local artisans have shops full of pottery, glass, wood, and paintings throughout the downtown. The fine art galleries stay open all day; showcasing the best works from both the past and the present. When the sun goes down, musicians can be heard around almost every campfire and in almost every restaurant, brew house, and winery – filling the night with sweet sounds. 

For people looking to perfect their own artistic skill, demonstrations, classes, and workshops are available from January to December. From banjos, broom making, and gourds to glass crafting, weaving, and watercolor our eclectic art scene has something for absolutely everyone.  


Live musicians are the local flavor around Brown County. We have various live venues around the areas where everyone can play, as well as a series of shops, coffee houses, beer halls, and wineries. Bill Monroe’s Music Park offers the best Blue Grass and Blues, while BC Playhouse has live shows of all kinds for every type of taste.  

For more information about the Creekside Retreat, the things to do here, or to make reservations with us, please don’t hesitate to contact us via email or via phone at 844-473-8732.