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Tip For Choosing A Wedding Venue

You're on cloud nine - you just said, "yes," to spending the rest of your life with that special person who makes you weak in the knees. Now to plan a wedding that's as swoon-worthy as your love. You want every detail of your wedding day to go flawlessly. Now, you cannot control everything, but you can plan ahead to the best of your ability. A good place to start lies in selecting your venue. But how do you choose the perfect place to say "I do?" It can be overwhelming but here are five tips that you might find handy:

1. Budget. 

Does your dream venue fall within your budget? You have to keep in mind that you'll want to leave wiggle room in your budget for your favorite photographer you've been eyeing, and let's not forget about those dreamy honeymoon plans. Shop around and compare prices before you find the ideal spot.

2. Capacity. 

Your guest-list will have a big say in the venue. Make sure you keep in mind the number of guests you anticipate on inviting when deciding if the venue makes the cut. If your guest-list is 300 invites strong, you'll need to pass on the intimate space that can fit 150 people.

3. Taste. 

What type of wedding do you want? Your venue should reflect on you and your partner's tastes. A beach wedding-themed wedding doesn't necessarily vibe well in a traditional church setting.

4. Reviews. 

What are other couples saying about this venue? Looking at different reviews can help you save money, headaches, and an unhappy wedding party on the big day. Just do a quick search online and you will be able to find out what other people are saying about your potential venue.

5. Travel. 

How far will you, the wedding party or guests have to travel to get to your venue? Are you going to provide a shuttle? If it helps, do a practice drive to get to the location before the wedding.

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Why A Weekend Getaway Might Be Just What You Need

Just the word, "weekend getaway" puts your mind to ease. A weekend getaway, especially with a back to nature approach is a good thing for the mind and body. Our worlds are overrun with electronics, work days, after work and school activities and sometimes unplugging from this fast paced lifestyle for just a day or two is the answer for renewing our energy. Here are 4 reasons why a weekend getaway is just what you need.

  1. Reduce Your Stress Levels: Getting back to nature is a wonderful stress reliever. Taking a break from your regular routine helps you find perspective about your life and those in your life. Getting away allows the body to take some time off. Hotels and properties built in wooded areas with outside activities and gathering areas provide a peaceful space for you to breathe deep, reflect on balancing your lifestyle and enjoy time away from your routine.

  2. Improve Your Health: Getting away "from it all" will help improve your health. Studies show that those who take regular vacations and small weekend getaways to places that embrace nature and the outdoors have less work burnout and fewer chronic health issues like heart disease and stroke. Nature has a way of calming our nervous system, too. Weekend getaways make your heart happy and healthier.

  3. Evaluate What is Important: Family comes first...or does it? We might think we are doing all the stressful things in our lives for the love of our family when in reality there are many other factors that are driving us. A weekend getaway, especially in an environment that allows us to think, breathe and evaluate our lives, helps us remember how important our family is. And as the old saying goes, "Absence makes the heart grow fonder." When we step away from our loved ones for a few days, we realize how important they really are.

  4. Get Happier: Vacations and getaways make us happier; happier about our family, happier about our jobs and happier about our relationships. Studies show that those who return from a getaway leave the stress behind them and have a higher energy level and are more satisfied with their lives.

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Why You Should Visit The Original Artists Colony. 

Early History

The Brown County Art Colony formed in Nashville, Indiana to encourage Indiana artists to gather and develop a regional renown in the arts. Founder Adolph Shulz and artists such as William McKendree Snyder did much to establish the colony in its formative years, starting as early as 1870. The colony gained precedence in 1907 when the famous painter T. C. Steele moved there to become the dean of Indiana painters. Steele also became the artist in residence at Indiana University-Bloomington in 1922. An art association incorporated in 1926 split into two parts in 1954: The Brown County Art Gallery and Museum and The Brown County Art Guild. Both organizations maintain galleries of the early artists and also show and sell the art of contemporary members.

Things to Do at the Artists' Colony

On second Sundays of each month, the Brown County Art Gallery hosts artists from Indiana and elsewhere. Patrons have the opportunity to discuss the artist's work, ask questions and tour the museum. Frequent art workshops include introductory drawing and theme drawing, such as horse and equestrian subjects. The Gallery hosts a variety of receptions and other events to attract patrons and raise awareness of Indiana artists. The Gallery is located on the corner of Artist Drive and Main Street, Nashville, IN, 47448.

The Brown County Art Guild, located in a gorgeous historic building, calls itself the art and soul of Nashville and houses a collection of 45 Indiana artists. The main exhibits are rotated and modified every few months. Each month, two featured artists are exhibited on the Upper floor's Loft Gallery. Like the Gallery, the Guild holds receptions featuring artists on exhibit during Village Art Walks on Second Saturdays. The Guild is located at 48 South Van Buren Street, Nashville, IN, 47448.

Creekside Retreat Hotel

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3 Ways To Plan A Successful Business Retreat


A retreat is a perfect way to bring your team closer and address any issues that may be affecting your business. Whether you need to launch a project, build a team or work on a strategic plan, a retreat can help you solve your objectives. A retreat is definitely worth the extra time and expense. It eliminates distractions that are present at work and helps your team get things done. Here are some important tips to help you plan a successful retreat.

Identify Your Goal

What is the reason that you are holding the retreat? If you don’t have a goal for your retreat, then you won’t make good use of the time. There should be a strategic reason for holding a retreat. Is it to build cohesion among your team or to work on a new product launch? Whatever the reason, make sure that you have clear objectives for the meeting.

Pick the Perfect Location

A retreat should take place outside of the office. It should be someplace peaceful where your team can relax. Make sure that there are plenty of local activities and restaurants nearby so that your team members have fun things to do outside of the retreat. This can help your employees get excited about the retreat and also help them get to know each other better.

Choose a Venue That Handles Groups

When choosing a venue, you want to pick a place that handles groups. The last thing that you want is to have an unproductive retreat. So, make sure that the venue staff is skilled at anticipating and meeting the needs of large groups. Ask if they partner with vendors, such as caterers and tent rental companies.

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Why Vacations Are Important For Your Health (And Your Job)

Could a trip to a relaxing scenic hotel or a tour of a new city have positive effects on your well-being? While nobody's saying you should start swapping your doctor's appointments for consultations with travel agencies, there's actually science behind the idea that vacations are good for you.

The Risks of Overworking

It's long been considered common sense that you can hurt yourself by working too much. In the 20th century, however, researchers began to quantify the actual dangers.

One well-known long-term health assessment, the Framingham Heart Study, began tracking the prevalence of cardiovascular disease in 1948 and continued studies for multiple generations of participants. The researchers learned that men who skipped vacations for several years were almost a third more likely to experience heart attacks than those who went on break for at least a week annually.

Another nine-year study published in 2000 went even further by specifically examining the links between mortality and vacations. Even after adjusting for other factors, like alcohol consumption and smoking, the researchers concluded that those who took annual vacations exhibited a lower overall risk of dying from ailments like heart disease.

How Do Vacations Help?

Interestingly, the 2000 study found positive effects without distinguishing between what kinds of vacation activities people participated in. If sightseeing, historical exploration, travel tours, cruises and just booking a relaxing get-a-way at a hotel, might all potentially have benefits, it begs the question: What's the common factor?

Some Harvard experts believe that the opportunity to take a mental break and be mindful is the key. Taking time to notice new things, escape your daily routine and learn through novel experiences could all help your brain and body release potentially harmful stress.

Vacations and other leisure activities have been shown to boost positive emotions in general, and some people report feeling healthier while they're enjoying extended downtime. Booking weekend get-a-ways or destination trips might even make you a better worker. According to one Finnish study, working long hours without sufficient relaxation time is associated with having worse cognitive performance.

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